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Author Topic: Quest Status List  (Read 307 times)

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Quest Status List
« on: April 18, 2020, 05:13:57 AM »
Hello guys, I'm here to congratulate the l2jhellas project, a top project that has been forming in the midst of the crisis of failed projects.

I have been testing the project for over a month and I know how difficult you are alone to work on corrections all for a well-called love of the game.

So I decided to contribute as much as possible to the project L2JHellas contains with me.

I will be testing all the quests starting today!

WorkingError ScriptChecking

Quest IDNameStatus
1Letters of LoveChecking
2What Women WantChecking
3Will the Seal be Broken?Checking
4Long live the Pa'agrio Lord!Checking
5Miner's FavorChecking
101Sword of SolidarityChecking
102Sea of Spores FeverChecking
103Spirit of CraftsmanChecking
104Spirit of MirrorsChecking
105Skirmish with the OrcsChecking
106Forgotten TruthChecking
107Merciless PunishmentChecking
108Jumble, Tumble, Diamond FussChecking
151Cure for Fever DiseaseChecking
152Shards of GolemChecking
153Deliver GoodsChecking
154Sacrifice to the SeaChecking
155Find Sir WindawoodChecking
156Millennium LoveChecking
157Recover Smuggled GoodsChecking
158Seed of EvilChecking
159Protect the Water SourceChecking
160Nerupa's RequestChecking
161Fruit of the MothertreeChecking
162Curse of the Underground FortressChecking
163Legacy of the PoetChecking
164Blood FiendChecking
165Shilen's HuntChecking
166Mass of DarknessChecking
167Dwarven KinshipChecking
168Deliver SuppliesChecking
169Offspring of NightmaresChecking
170Dangerous SeductionChecking

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Re: Quest Status List
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2020, 05:16:41 AM »
211Trial of the ChallengerChecking
212Trial of DutyChecking
213Trial of the SeekerChecking
214Trial of the ScholarChecking
215Trial of the PilgrimChecking
216Trial of the GuildsmanChecking
217Testimony of TrustChecking
218Testimony of LifeChecking
219Testimony of FateChecking
220Testimony of GloryChecking
221Testimony of ProsperityChecking
222Test of the DuelistChecking
223Test of the ChampionChecking
224Test of SagittariusChecking
225Test of the SearcherChecking
226Test of the HealerChecking
227Test of the ReformerChecking
228Test of MagusChecking
229Test of WitchcraftChecking
230Test of the SummonerChecking
231Test of the MaestroChecking
232Test of the LordChecking
233Test of the War SpiritChecking
257The Guard is BusyChecking
258Bring Wolf PeltsChecking
260Hunt the OrcsChecking
261Collector's DreamChecking
262Trade with the Ivory TowerChecking
263Orc SubjugationChecking
264Keen ClawsChecking
265Chains of SlaveryChecking
266Pleas of PixiesChecking
267Wrath of VerdureChecking
271Proof of ValorChecking
272Wrath of AncestorsChecking
273Invaders of the Holy LandChecking
274Skirmish with the WerewolvesChecking
275Dark Winged SpiesChecking
276Totem of the HestuiChecking
277Gatekeeper's OfferingChecking
291Revenge of the RedbonnetChecking
292Brigands SweepChecking
293The Hidden VeinsChecking
294Covert BusinessChecking
295Dreaming of the SkiesChecking
296Tarantula's Spider SilkChecking
297Gatekeeper's FavorChecking
303Collect ArrowheadsChecking
306Crystals of Fire and IceChecking
313Collect SporesChecking
316Destroy Plague CarriersChecking
317Catch the WindChecking
319Scent of DeathChecking
320Bones Tell the FutureChecking
324Sweetest VenomChecking
325Grim CollectorChecking
326Vanquish RemnantsChecking
328Sense for BusinessChecking
329Curiosity of a DwarfChecking
330Adept of TasteChecking
331Arrow of VengeanceChecking
333Hunt of the Black LionChecking
334The Wishing PotionChecking
335Song of the HunterChecking
336Coins of MagicChecking
337Audience with the Land Dragon Checking
401Path to a WarriorVerified
402Path to a Human KnightVerified
403Path to a RogueVerified
404Path to a Human WizardVerified
405Path to a ClericVerified
406Path to an Elven KnightVerified
407Path to an Elven ScoutVerified
408Path to an Elven WizardVerified
409Path to an Elven OracleVerified
410Path to a Palus KnightVerified
411Path to an AssassinVerified
412Path to a Dark WizardVerified
413Path to a Shillien OracleVerified
414Path to an Orc RaiderVerified
415Path to a MonkVerified
416Path to an Orc ShamanVerified
417Path to become a ScavengerVerified
418Path to an ArtisanVerified
419Get a PetChecking
420Little WingChecking
501Proof of Clan AllianceChecking
503Pursuit of Clan Ambition!Checking
362Bard's MandolinChecking
363Sorrowful Sound of FluteChecking
364Jovial AccordionChecking
348An Arrogant SearchChecking
422Repent Your SinsChecking
504Competition for the Bandit StrongholdChecking
347Go Get the Calculator.Checking
340Subjugation of LizardmenChecking
171Acts of EvilChecking
343Under the Shadow of the Ivory TowerChecking
338Alligator  HunterChecking
341Hunting for Wild BeastsChecking
3441000 years, the End of LamentationChecking
327Recover the FarmlandChecking
259Rancher's PleaChecking
350Enhance Your WeaponChecking
345Method to Raise the DeadChecking
421Little Wing's Big AdventureChecking
351Black SwanChecking
234Fate's WhisperChecking
352Help Rood Raise A New Pet!Checking
353Power of DarknessChecking
354Conquest of Alligator IslandChecking
355Family HonorChecking
356Dig Up the Sea of Spores!Checking
357Warehouse Keeper's AmbitionChecking
358Illegitimate Child of A GoddessChecking
359For Sleepless DeadmenChecking
360Plunder Their SuppliesChecking
365Devil's LegacyChecking
366Silver Haired ShamanChecking
367Electrifying Recharge!Checking
368Trespassing into the Sacred AreaChecking
369Collector of JewelsChecking
370An Elder Sows SeedsChecking
371Shriek of GhostsChecking
372Legacy of InsolenceChecking
374Whisper of Dreams, Part 1Checking
375Whisper of Dreams, Part 2Checking
376Exploration of the Giants' Cave, Part IChecking
377Exploration of Giants Cave, Part 2Checking
378Magnificent FeastChecking
379Fantasy WineChecking
380Bring Out the Flavor of Ingredients!Checking
381Let's Become a Royal Member!Checking
382Kail's Magic CoinChecking
383Searching for TreasureChecking
384Warehouse Keeper's PastimeChecking
385Yoke of the PastChecking
505Blood OfferingChecking
373Supplier of ReagentsChecking
235Mimir's ElixirChecking
386Stolen DignityChecking
79Saga of the AdventurerChecking
80Saga of the Wind Rider Checking
81Saga of the Ghost HunterChecking
82Saga of the SagittariusChecking
83Saga of the Moonlight SentinelChecking
84Saga of the Ghost SentinelChecking
431Wedding MarchChecking
432Birthday Party SongChecking
601Watching EyesChecking
602Shadow of LightChecking
603Daimon the White-Eyed - Part 1Checking
604Daimon the White-Eyed - Part 2Checking
621Egg DeliveryChecking
622Specialty Liquor DeliveryChecking
623The Finest FoodChecking
624The Finest Ingredients - Part 1Checking
625The Finest Ingredients - Part 2Checking
13Parcel DeliveryChecking
14Whereabouts of the ArchaeologistChecking
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Re: Quest Status List
« Reply #2 on: April 18, 2020, 05:17:27 AM »
618Into the FlameChecking
88Saga of the ArchmageChecking
89Saga of the Mystic MuseChecking
90Saga of the Storm ScreamerChecking
94Saga of the SoultakerChecking
95Saga of the Hell KnightChecking
426Quest for Fishing ShotChecking
617Gather the FlamesChecking
619Relics of the Old EmpireChecking
620Four GobletsChecking
27Chest caught with a bait of windChecking
28Chest caught with a bait of icy air.Checking
29Chest caught with a bait of earth. Checking
30Chest caught with a bait of fire. Checking
50Lanosco's Special BaitChecking
51O'Fulle's Special BaitChecking
52Willie's Special BaitChecking
53Linnaeus' Special BaitChecking
299Gather Ingredients for PieChecking
300Hunting Leto LizardmanChecking
15Sweet WhispersChecking
32An Obvious LieChecking
33Make a Pair of Dress ShoesChecking
34In Search of ClothChecking
35Find Glittering JewelryChecking
36Make a Sewing KitChecking
37Make Formal WearChecking
85Saga of the CardinalChecking
86Saga of the HierophantChecking
87Saga of Eva's SaintChecking
96Saga of the Spectral DancerChecking
97Saga of the Shillien TemplarChecking
98Saga of the Shillien SaintChecking
626A Dark TwilightChecking
627Heart in Search of PowerChecking
16The Coming DarknessChecking
17Light and DarknessChecking
634In Search of Fragments of DimensionChecking
635In the Dimensional RiftChecking
38Dragon FangsChecking
39Red-Eyed InvadersChecking
298Lizardmen's ConspiracyChecking
6Step into the FutureChecking
7A Trip BeginsChecking
8An Adventure BeginsChecking
9Into the City of HumansChecking
10Into the WorldChecking
45To Talking IslandChecking
46Once More In the Arms of the Mother TreeChecking
47Into the Dark ForestChecking
48To the Immortal PlateauChecking
49The Road HomeChecking
19Go to the Pastureland!Checking
42Help the Uncle! Checking
43Help the Sister!Checking
44Help the Son!Checking

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Re: Quest Status List
« Reply #3 on: April 18, 2020, 05:18:59 AM »
70Saga of the Phoenix KnightChecking
71Saga of Eva's TemplarChecking
72Saga of the Sword MuseChecking
73Saga of the DuelistChecking
74Saga of the DreadnoughtsChecking
75Saga of the TitanChecking
76Saga of the Grand KhavatariChecking
77Saga of the DominatorChecking
78Saga of the DoomcryerChecking
631Delicious Top Choice MeatChecking
632Necromancer's RequestChecking
633In the Forgotten VillageChecking
20Bring Up With LoveChecking
21Hidden TruthChecking
22Tragedy in von Hellmann ForestChecking
23Lidia's HeartChecking
24Inhabitants of the Forest of the DeadChecking
25Hiding Behind the TruthChecking
91Saga of the Arcana LordChecking
92Saga of the Elemental Master Checking
93Saga of the Spectral MasterChecking
99Saga of the Fortune SeekerChecking
100Saga of the MaestroChecking
11Secret Meeting With Ketra OrcsChecking
12Secret Meeting With Varka SilenosChecking
18Meeting with the Golden RamChecking
31Secret Buried in the SwampChecking
605Alliance with Ketra OrcsChecking
606War with Varka SilenosChecking
607Prove your courage!Checking
608Slay the enemy commander!Checking
609Magical Power of Water - Part 1Checking
610Magical Power of Water - Part 2Checking
611Alliance with Varka SilenosChecking
612War with Ketra OrcsChecking
613Prove your courage!Checking
614Slay the enemy commander!Checking
615Magical Power of Fire - Part 1Checking
616Magical Power of Fire - Part 2Checking
629Clean up the Swamp of ScreamsChecking
241Possessor of a Precious Soul  - 1 Checking
246Possessor of a Precious Soul  - 3Checking
247Possessor of a Precious Soul  - 4Checking
628Hunt of the Golden Ram Mercenary ForceChecking
242Possessor of a Precious Soul  - 2Checking
118To Lead and Be LedChecking
123The Leader and the FollowerChecking
119Last Imperial PrinceChecking
508A Clan's ReputationChecking
509The Clan's PrestigeChecking
636Truth Beyond the GateChecking
637Through the Gate Once MoreChecking
654Journey to a SettlementChecking
117The Ocean of Distant StarsChecking
109In Search of the NestChecking
112Walk of FateChecking
113Status of the Beacon TowerChecking
122Ominous NewsChecking
640The Zero HourChecking
644Grave Robber AnnihilationChecking
645Ghosts of BaturChecking
646Signs of RevoltChecking
115The Other Side of TruthChecking
648An Ice Merchant's DreamChecking
651Runaway YouthChecking
652An Aged Ex-AdventurerChecking
653Wild MaidenChecking
659I'd Rather Be Collecting Fairy BreathChecking
660Aiding the Floran Village.Checking
661Making the Harvest Grounds SafeChecking
655A Grand Plan for Taming Wild BeastsChecking
638Seekers of the Holy GrailChecking
639Guardians of the Holy GrailChecking
650A Broken DreamChecking
649A Looter and a Railroad ManChecking
647Influx of MachinesChecking
121Pavel the GiantChecking
116Beyond the Hills of WinterChecking
114Resurrection of an Old ManagerChecking
120Pavel's ResearchChecking
111Elrokian Hunter's ProofChecking
124Meeting the ElrokiChecking
125The Name of Evil - 1Checking
126The Name of Evil - 2Checking
510A Clan's ReputationChecking
641Attack Sailren!Checking
642A Powerful Primeval CreatureChecking
643Rise and Fall of the Elroki TribeChecking
662A Game of CardsChecking
663Seductive WhispersChecking
688Defeat the Elrokian Raiders!Checking
110To the Primeval IsleChecking
127Kamael: A Window to the FutureChecking
---Traces of EvilChecking

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Re: Quest Status List
« Reply #4 on: April 18, 2020, 05:46:24 AM »
i appreciate it :)  topic sticked.

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Re: Quest Status List
« Reply #5 on: April 26, 2020, 06:09:32 AM »
amazing  :o

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Re: Quest Status List
« Reply #6 on: June 14, 2020, 07:07:25 PM »
that's cool!
any progress?)

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Re: Quest Status List
« Reply #7 on: June 21, 2020, 11:30:20 PM »
Good luck!