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Author Topic: Lineage 2 PurgeAnarchy x1000 Grand Opening 1 April 14:30 GMT+2  (Read 135 times)

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Hello there we invite you to our server, The Grand Gpening is at 1 April 14:30 GMT+2 Beta period is avaible till 31 of march so you can try our server before Grand Opening.

At GrandOpening if you send message to our facebook page you will get for free 1 month Premiun Account.
You are a clan Leader? amazing we will make your clan 8 lvl with full skills just pm gm or send message to our facebook page!

Website: http://www.l2purgeanarchy.eu/ (maybe you are not avaible to open the site cuz domain is added today so dns need some hours to work correctly.
System FIle:http://www.mediafire.com/file/alsermwxaxgldm3/L2_PurgeAnarchy.rar/file
» Xp 1000x.
» Sp 1000x.
» Adena 1x.
» Drop 1x.
» Spoil 1x.
» PartyXp 1.x.
» PartySp 1x
Server info

Enchant Rates
» Safe enchant +8.
» Max enchant +25.
» Simple scrolls : 60%.
» Blessed scrolls : 80%.


» Gatekeeper.
» Buffer.
» Warehouse.
» Achievenemnts
» Augments.
» Special Shop.
» Buff 4hours Slots 30+4.
»Gm Shop
»Nobless Manager
»GrandBoss Info
»Siege Informer
»Community Board

Dynasty Armors
Demonic Weapons

Farm zone areas

Adena Zone
Safe    Zone
GoldBar Zone
G Medal Zone
Apiga pvp Zone


Zodiac events!

Anti-Bot System